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"With my little dog Sam, we just opened the door in the morning and off he'd go with his little gang of mates

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DENVER — The Rangers seemingly needed Rick Nash to dominate and Chris Kreider to elevate in order to win this season

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Fitzpatrick practiced without incident Wednesday in a self-described “trial run” in his new reality

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With like-for-like food sales up by a paltry 0.2 per cent, the weakness in clothing is becoming ever more exposed.”

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Mr Corbyn said that, since 2010, waiting lists at English hospitals had gone up by a third, while 3.5 million people were now waiting to be treated

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Polaroid's owner C&A is suing Go Pro over its Hero4 Session camera, claiming the ice-cube shaped device is a rip-off of the Polariod Cube camera and infringes its patent

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Will the advocates of this new scheme tell the lynx that they must target only deer and foxes, rather than sheep and pets?

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He's more kick ass and take names, take numbers

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I have to be available for those moments."

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shows that there is organisation to the design, with two groups of lines, one set straight and made with a fine tool, and another more curved and often broader.

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On the bright side, it's unlikely that he'll get paid like a top-rotation pitcher, getting a deal more in line with his average career to date, and he still has the electric fastball to dream on

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So I tried to emulate that but what I drew looked like an auntie

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While it has risen 12 percent since end-September, it is still down 10 percent so far this year.

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“If the president is determined to move terrorists to our state, Coloradans should know why and how he plans to do it

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A woman holds a candle as thousands mourn the victims of a nightclub fire in Bucharest, Romania November 1, 2015

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In the last game, in front of 15,000 people, my players were fantastic

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His appearance on stage was packed and many attendees had to sit on the floor.

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"Earlier studies have shown that growing up on a farm reduces a child's risk of asthma to about half

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The one-time A's slugger - an admitted steroid user - said he will continue his Twitter posts and that he is not afraid if authorities come knocking at his door

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Treasury yields rose on Wednesday, with two-year yieldssoaring to a four and a half year high, after Federal ReserveChair Janet Yellen said the U.S

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"This violence endangers the cease-fire."

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Here, Activision and British developer FreeStyle Games have come up with something genuinely innovative: a 24-hour network of streaming music videos you can play along with at any time.

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National Security Agency and Central Intelligence Agency, told Reuters.

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She was arrested twice for criminal domestic violence, receiving a one-year probationary sentence in 2010

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In town you see even more of them, along with life-sized portraits of "The Lady".

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We’re super early in this huge market,” Houston said

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Though initial public offering valuations may be cheaper, the pace of deals is accelerating

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Journalists have reported that surveillance and interrogation by military intelligence operatives continues as it did in the days of the junta

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Brent crude, which is used to price international oils, gained 4 cents to $48.62 a barrel.

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Last year 11 journalists were jailed, including five sentenced to seven years’ hard labor for reporting on an alleged chemical weapons factory

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“He was, quite simply, the greatest man I’ve ever known

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The report says the reduction in the earnings level at which tax credit entitlements start to be tapered away – set to save 4.4bn by 2020 – should not go ahead

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He said 15 of them died and three South Sudanese nationals survived, including a child.

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The underground is such an intense place.

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I told them I was very scared."

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"I am aware of the discrimination, but we didn't create WingStar because of that

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Some pro-trade Republican lawmakers are also wary of the deal, heralding a tough fight to get the deal through Congress, although this is not expected before March

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Rumsfeld was an arrogant fellow."

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So when I hear “The World Is Not Enough” theme song, that nostalgia of being 12 years old and loving the world of James Bond all floods back to me

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Once all members have created a list, anyone within the group can browse and reserve to buy a specific gift so there are no duplicates.

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If the organisms are unable to recover from these bleaching events, especially when they recur over several consecutive years, the coral will die

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Despite its name, Skyuber has no connection to the popular taxi-hailing Uber app that allows users to book a car and driver

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Indigenous women from the Kamayura tribe take part in a demonstration of the Huka Huka fight at the first World Games for Indigenous Peoples in Palmas, Brazil, October 29, 2015

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