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The diversity is always what I advocate for

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"Some of the media executives are looking at Netflix as a digital distributor who has gained too much power," he said

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"I was going to be a keyboard player in the beginning but the keyboard I had ran off batteries, and I couldn't afford to buy them," he says

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She said the mugger had threatened her with a gun, McCoy said.

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The International Energy Agency has said that by 2040, 4billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions must be captured tokeep global warming at bay

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Yellen told Congress the Fed expects the economy to continueto grow at a pace that returns inflation to policy-makers'target and that "if the incoming information supports thatexpectation ..

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plantsoperating, although Alcoa has smelters in lower-cost regionslike the Middle East.

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Andit would be silly to count as valueless the other benefits ofhaving a purpose, being a big shot or thinking you are incontrol.

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London time, having reached $1.0834, its strongest since July 21

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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grant accelerated approval for a cutting-edge lung cancer treatment is a positive step forward ...

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Net income in the period that ends in December will be 80 cents to 90 cents a share on revenue of $5.2 billion to $6 billion, Qualcomm said on Wednesday in a statement

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They will be rolling out the red carpet for you in this ball gown by Fame and Partners

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In honour of the no-shave month, here is the best facial hair in the world of business

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More recently, doctors have begun prescribing specially designed, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines similar to those used to treat sleep apnea in adults

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If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone number that we can contact you on

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In some cases, growthturned out to be half the pace originally estimated.

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Carmelo Anthony again struggled (17 points, 6-of-18 shooting), dropping his season shooting percentage to a dreary 37%.

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Standing up in the driver's seat, she shouts some inaudible comments before grabbing the female worker by her long hair, pulling her right through the window.

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Beijing does allow the territory to participate in some international events such as the Olympic Games under the name "Chinese Taipei."

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With no national army after the fall of Gaddafi, the rebel brigades were incorporated into quasi-official military units, assigned to ministries and government offices

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"Guitar Hero TV" is more satisfying

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That theory, known as the "Ferguson effect," has recently been advanced by FBI Director James Comey, whom Rosenberg served as chief of staff until joining the DEA in May

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We are bringing the world closer together at a scale that no platform has ever been able to do

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At the time, “60 Minutes” spoke with best-selling author Michael Lewis on the topic.

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But, they said, they could prod the otherparty, as well as the White House and pharmaceutical companies, themselves.

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He told his men if they came across it, they should run downwards because the yeti wouldn't be able to see them - its long hair would cover its eyes, obstructing its vision

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Political experience counts — especially when trying to disassemble bureaucratic institutions that have existed since before any of the people currently running for president were born.

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America’s mayor: What a joke.

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The case lasted three years before they were acquitted.

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No such snap poll has been held since the 1989 fall of communism.

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So sitting here today, as I think about the future, I am thinking about next year

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The 20-year-old played just 21 minutes - and just eight in the second half - while accumulating five quick fouls

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In 1950 the East German government claimed the Americans were dropping potato beetles out of planes over GDR fields in an attempt to sabotage their crops

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Rinjani is among about 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia

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I love the Bond girls with duplicitous natures, so there are many to choose from

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They must wear bibs with names and logos of the tournament sponsors, but they can display their own logos on their hats or shirtsleeves

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Cruz has practiced with the Giants just once in the regular season

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