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The Maison Bonaparte in the town is now a museum

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In fact, the average score in the study never even reached 50 (out of the highest possible score of 110), they noted.

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His choice is essentially to take a three-year contract for $73 million and hope he doesn't get hurt, or take the $200 million deal with a moon base

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But the airplane could not just break apart in the air — there should be some action

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“Going into next season, we’re starting from a different plateau, I would say,” Alderson said

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In September Turing said it would cut the price of Daraprim, but has not yet done so

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“For example, being a real estate agent

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“It doesn’t have to

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The new government has also pledged to raise taxes for the richest Canadians and cut taxes for the middle class.

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But many people who work for foreign companies are paid a salary in sterling but receive their bonus in the company’s home currency

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If he wasn't, the history of British soldiers used up and discarded by the state would teach him not to allow for more of the same

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John’s is probably not as excited about playing us.”

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Back then, and for months afterward, many in the Giants organization weren’t sure if he’d ever play again.

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That's about a half-win behind the other three each year

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The conditions were an attempt to win over critics, who battled to get a previous expansion plan scrapped five years ago.

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Without Cespedes, the Mets don't win the East and without Murphy the Mets don't get to the World Series

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He still had 13 points with four rebounds, including a putback jam over Kevin Love in the second quarter.

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It sold 10.17 million vehicles for the fiscal year ended March 2015.

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Although the veteran stopped short of saying that the initial pain has subsided in subsequent days, he admitted that “it’s not really normal.”

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He's more kick ass and take names, take numbers

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If those figures are prone to upwardbias - few observers, for example, believe China's officialgrowth figures - then the overall picture will be skewed.

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Sanders, who calls himself a democratic socialist, is Clinton's main rival for the party's presidential nomination for the November 2016 election

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Gary Patterson says it shouldn't matter who you play

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“You don’t lack beauty

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Withdrawing shows from online services would make traditional cable and satellite TV packages more attractive

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I actually have a whole lot of fans that are police officers

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(Come to think of it, don't they all have two faces?) I love Eva Green as Vesper

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Any party that represents 25 percent or more of a U.S.industry has standing to petition the ITC for a trade case

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“He’s a 30-year-old corner now,” Woodson said

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The journey began in 2013 with escape to Turkey, but the camps offered no work, no way of building a new life, so Zaki came to Europe for the first time alone, and tried to get his family to join him

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We want to fight ISIS, but we also don't necessarily want Assad to stay, but we're kind of stuck because we're not sure who else is out there to support

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But whether all these anxieties were justified is an open question

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Navy plans to conduct patrols within 12 nautical miles of artificial islands in the South China Sea about twice a quarter to remind China and other countries about U.S

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The paper, quoting anonymous sources, said the scandal had frustrated Toshiba’s attempts to boost sluggish sales of consumer electronics