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The effects of the scandal have so far barely been reflectedin VW sales figures - although it was the only German carmakerto report a decline in car registrations in Germany in October

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Journalists have reported that surveillance and interrogation by military intelligence operatives continues as it did in the days of the junta

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A lot of disagreement in different way, so I think he will do a great job

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Yasir giving the ball plenty of air.

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Please make a decision quickly Disney or Lucas films, even if it's a flat out no"

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News of the lair travelled beyond the village and two months later, two men arrived as Norbu was making wood shingles for his house

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That approach, and Monaco's stewardship of it, has plenty of critics

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Get the real thing and hope he has three years left of peak-Kingman.

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"I was listening to a podcast, and there was a break in talking, and I just hear a gunshot," student Alex Lopez, 21, said

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The brashness that the old JPP seemed to have doesn’t seem to be there anymore

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Spokesman Josh Earnest said the Federal Aviation Administration had already put an advisory in place in March

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But Anthony is trailing LeBron 2-0 in the battle he's most concerned with — championship rings

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Randle first aggravated the hamstring issue last month and he said he tweaked it again on Sunday.

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Rad explained how Tinder is acquiring and then using data to inform its tech development

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If improving gender equality doesn't move you, then consider that it's just good business

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It’s something we did together

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“We got off to a fast start

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It's not that easy because it's a huge area, but we try

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"On balance, as we said, we still see the risks to economic growth and the labor market as balanced."

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There’s plenty of high-level talk here for Dropbox, but it all still comes down to execution

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Lee's consortium has submitted an offer that values GCA at around $1 billion, including debt, the people said on Wednesday

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In 2006, 24 plotters conspired to blow up seven international airliners

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Although Trudeau supports the pipeline, he argues relations should not hinge on the project.

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The border crossing with Egypt has been largely closed by the Western-backed government in Cairo.

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NewsON is available beginning today for Apple iPhone and iPad, Android phone and tablet, and on the Roku platform across Roku players and Roku TVs.

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The case will finally be closed for Bozart only when his nickel is returned

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Wise and beautiful are words not often associated with these creatures but their bad reputation is not always justified

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It was active government policies that intervened when and where the private sector wouldn't with New Deal legislation that created our middle class after WWII, as I've said before.

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He's also losing close teammates to James, with Iman Shumpert and JR Smith getting shipped to Cleveland last season by Phil Jackson

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"What's really exciting about this year is we seem to have found part of the site pretty much intact

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Basic pay is to rise by 11 per cent, but other elements, including what constitutes unsociable hours, are being curbed.

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It expects the takeoverwill hurt its earnings per share next year but boost results inthe long run.

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The new NDAA clocks in at $607 billion, $5 billion less than the original bill, but increases the base budget by $22 billion over the $523 billion that would have been mandated under the sequester

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21, 2013 in Vigneault’s first season and their 11-10-4 record on Dec

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It was like the dam broke," his widow told ABC

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Analysts at financial services firms Cowen & Co and Leerink Partners Llc estimate the potential at $10 billion within the next decade or so

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Engel was replaced by Anders Runevadwho made turbines more price competitive.

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All of Chipotle's 43 outlets in those cities have been closed since Oct

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They can be taken away from you just like that,” Pierre-Paul said, in a surprise and expansive interview at his locker on Wednesday

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If you feel you are currently subscribed please click on the button to attempt to find your account.

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But it’s a strong signal for the political class to change something in their habits and in their organisation,” said a journalist who had taken part in Romania’s 1989 revolution.

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The captives are held in detention centres and unofficial holding facilities across the country.

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The short film will be officially debuted during National Women's Lung Health Week, beginning May 8, 2016.

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But Kathie Lee won’t even have hers in the bedroom.

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(Reporting by Greg Roumeliotis in New York; Editing by BernardOrr)

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Health Minister Leo Varadkar has already said he hopes to have contract negotiations with GPs concluded by next spring.

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"You know, I've concluded that Lynne Cheney is a lot of the éminence grise here..