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A doctor looks him over for injuries: His eye is busted, and there are a number of scratches on his back, resembling the Longhorn-like symbol of his captors.
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But if the court rules the same way on five similar petitions, it would then establish the precedent to change the law and allow general recreational use.
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And it’s understandable, even after a surprise World Series appearance
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Out in front of him there were plenty of mistakes and poor performances, starting with defenseman Brooks Orpik’s minus-four showing.
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Fishers, related to the weasel family, live in forests along the West Coast from Oregon to Yosemite and the southern Sierra and are already proposed for federal protection as a threatened species
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The corn refiners countersued, saying theSugar Association falsely claimed in its newsletter that cornsyrup causes obesity and cancer.
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The innovative method that the Tokyo team has come up with uses a different process for creating safer, indestructible glass
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Among independents, slightly more oppose than favor the plan, 34 percent to 24 percent.
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And further reductions are on the way.
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And it’s understandable, even after a surprise World Series appearance
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I certainly wouldn’t discount their impact, but we just didn’t hit.
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Oh, and people shorter than 5'1" or taller than 6'2" need not apply.
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The question for teams is if that's a "I'm tired" fade or an "there are lawnmower blades in my elbow, please help" fade
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Terry McAuliffe tried to expand Medicaid but was blocked by Republicans.
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I explained that I saw the footprints of the yeti, which were very fresh, as if the yeti had walked past in the morning
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