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"We are responsible for the prosecution of the most serious and violent criminal offenses including murders, rapes, robberies, gang violence, child abuse and domestic violence

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Dummies have been burned on bonfires since as long ago as the 13th century, initially to drive away evil spirits

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They called for backup, triggering the massive police response.

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And the bottom line was there wasn't enough staff to care for the residents properly, which was one of the reasons I left, how can you be a carer, if you don't have time to care??

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Raul Denis said in an email Wednesday morning that officials had delayed the search because of storms in the area near the Intracoastal Waterway

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The Rangers flew to Denver on Wednesday and did not practice

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Even that is manageable but if this goes further then VW might have to start selling parts of their business."

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Mozilla has released the latest version of its web browser, Firefox, to the public

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After decades as a star exhibit on the FBI Building tour, the hollow nickel is currently owned by the Spy Museum in Washington.

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He said that “better, faster algorithms” were needed for drones to be able to function in busy real-world environments.

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and others have at times been overly enthusiastic about political and economic reforms.

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Lobbying by shippers and other interests, including the U.S

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This should allow Orbital ATK plans to fulfill their contract with NASA for five more flights; two are already planned and will be using both the Atlas V 401 and the upgraded Antares launch vehicle

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REUTERS/Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea

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or to trustees to pay for his children's education or the outgoings on the family home".

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That's when it started to get really scary

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"Lack of public understanding of dementia has negative consequences for both the individual coping with the symptoms and for family caregivers

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Amid her discovery that Hakeem (Bryshere Y

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The conclusion, that active management can more or less pay its own way, isn’t earth-shattering

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Timberlake sang alongside popular songwriter and singer Stapleton at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee, on Wednesday night

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Here’s an illustrated history of some of Britain's most popular treats …

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Student activists condemned Halbertal as persona non grata because he is Israeli

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There are shades of "Hanoi Jane" in all of this with a Hollywood star becoming a symbol in a culture war

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Ben Roethlisberger? Lumbering around with a bulky brace on the throbbing left leg that forced him to miss a month.

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The dollar's gains came as chances for a December rate hikerose over 50 percent after Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellenlaid out what appears the base case at the U.S

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"As the money has increased, the rationale is you must make a change early so you can get prepared to hire somebody as soon as your season is over to get a staff together and recruit

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The consequences for traditional black cabs are clear and painful

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These disorders indicate an increased risk of heart disease that requires increased vigilance and action at the earliest possible stage," Dr Goldstein said.

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Xchanging said last month that it hadreached an agreement on terms of a recommended cash offer withCapita Plc, valuing Xchanging at 412 million pounds($635 million).

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Pulled from offices in the daytime or homes in the night, the disappeared are cut off from the outside world, and packed into prisons where torture is routine and death is commonplace

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Ponta has faced growing pressure to resign after becoming Romania's first sitting premier to face criminal trial on charges including money laundering that date back to his time as a lawyer

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The governmenthas pledged to raise income taxes for the richest Canadians andcut taxes for the middle class.

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That, however, is not yet the case and he is searching for answers.

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On Wednesday, his campaign touted the success of the bond measure intended to develop and maintain housing for middle- to low-income households

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"She has three knockouts, one from a knee set up by her boxing and the other two from overhand rights basically

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Starred messages are accessible from the app’s overflow menu

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I don't think he even knew he had been shot

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Net income fromcontinuing operations excluding goodwill impairment should riseby around 10 percent, versus a previous 7-10 percent target.

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