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It said the charges have no legal or economic basis.

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After the island was captured, American casualties were buried in several battlefield cemeteries

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They also say the plan will spur new clean-energy jobs.

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“It was like he was joyriding,” said John Norton, 44, a plumber who was sitting on the beach with a friend when they spotted the fixed-wing, single-engine CTLS plane

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"A big reason for the gender pay gap is that men and women tend to work in different jobs

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The NFL's Atlanta Falcons received the most money of any team, with $879,000 in contracts since fiscal year 2012, according to the report

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This is just his fifth game at this level

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"There is not a lot of capacity among ourselves or our peers immediately," Smallwood said.

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Kraft Heinz will close seven plants in the U.S

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It came up during the Mets’ press conference Wednesday to announce Terry Collins’ contract extension

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Harvey put the first two batters on (walk and a double as the lead was cut to 2-1), and the Mets eventually blew the lead and were eliminated.

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But these climate models differ on "climate sensitivity" - the amount of warming or cooling that occurs as a particular factor, such as CO2

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Even if you believe in the dire warnings of climate scientists, and even if countries like China don't cheat, nothing agreed to at the Paris summit next month will change anything

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authoritiesexposed VW's use of "defeat devices" to cheat tests foremissions of nitrogen oxide

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"We will establish the most effective way to administer any top-ups to tax credits

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Apple’s iPhone, which gained a couple of points of market share in the third quarter, uses a Qualcomm radio chip but not its more expensive Snapdragon processor

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He was a landscape photographer and I remember my early years sitting in his studio, helping him by cracking open disposable cameras and watching him make prints.

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Don’t forget, JPP has been through more than just that since his amazing, breakout 2011 season, when he notched 16 sacks and was considered the best young defensive player in the game.

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Sure, you could pay a human expert to examine a photo and answer those questions, but mustering an army of such organic brains wouldn't be cheap

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Despite a torn ligament in his non-throwing thumb, Fitzpatrick will start Sunday against the Jaguars, bringing stability to the Jets’ quarterback situation

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Just 2 percent think that's very likely, while another 18 percent say it's somewhat likely

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Later that week James went into a privately-run hospital, The Yorkshire Clinic in Bingley

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Chinese shares gained 1.8% Thursday, with the Shanghai Composite Index up 20.3% since its low on Aug, 26, the bottom of a summer selloff

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The coach would have likely done cartwheels if not for his recent partial knee replacement.

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Moreover, despite claims of cost neutrality, the contract will harm the very workforce providing the emergency care that the Government wants to expand

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If you're a gamer, it's also when people line up to give you copies of games you would never play, or Amazon gift cards so you can do the hard work of picking a game yourself

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In some cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name as you provide it and location, unless you state otherwise

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Based in New York, Blackstone had $333.9 billion in assets under management as of the end of September.

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It will release detailed first-half resultson Saturday.

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It said the plane, which was built in 1971, "was is no state to fly because it failed to undergo timely technical servicing..

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“As California’s public health officer, I am troubled when the flu turns into loss of life,” Dr

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Aguayo's family decided, with the help of a funeral home that specializes in embalming techniques, to have him sit at a table at his mother's bar for the wake

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Valeant said it planned to cooperate with the committee on the inquiry

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“It’s not really frustrating, I know it’ll come back,” said Anthony, who hasn’t found his rhythm after knee surgery

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I think we're on the cusp of doing that," he said.