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The rally, organized by the group Rise Up October, decried the deaths of more than 50 people killed in police interactions over the years

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Parkas are perennially on trend, add a touch of laid back street style to your look and of course are super toasty.

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Yet Schemm also mentored kids in a Big Brothers Big Sisters program, participated as an active member of his church and served as president of a local 4-H club, his dad told reporters

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“CAM plants can keep their stomata closed during the daytime” greatly reducing water loss.”

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The woman who put me through my paces was quite testy, and her job was basically to try to drown me

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Of course, the downside is that you'll find file sizes are much larger, since Sony's uncompressed raw files are just that -- they're not simply compressed losslessly

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In September, Google announced the Google Wallet app, which allows users to send money for free to anyone within the U.S

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A construction worker in the building who overheard sounds of a struggle rushed into the class and was also stabbed before the assailant fled, officials said

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It is recommended that all those living with asthma, or any respiratory disease, avail of the winter flu vaccine this autumn," she said.

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On Wednesday he was noncommittal regarding his future beyond this contract.

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They really don’t have a lot of natural predators

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It is Halloween, after all, and a classmate dressed as a witch sneaks off with him to an empty room

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He is developing a feel for his team and how to make sure they play hard for him.

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"To explain the signals that Dr Chary found with the cosmological recombination radiation, one needs a large enhancement in the number of [other particles] relative to photons

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The BoE is expected to keep rates at historic lows, withmost expecting only MPC hawk Ian McCafferty to continue to votefor an immediate hike

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"Growth is happening across the board and we're of course looking for a lot of growth in the future in emerging markets," Sandberg said in an interview

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After all, how many James Bond male villains can boast wearing cat-eye glasses?

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"They'd never seen him on stage do any type of concert before, so they saw the first three numbers of his show in Vegas," he said

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Western governments and opposition activists say that Russia has mostly been hitting other anti-Assad forces, including some groups backed by the United States

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Israeli forces on Monday shot dead a Palestinian assailant who the army said had stabbed and wounded a soldier at an intersection near Hebron

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Louisiana came a close second, followed by West Virginia

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At its core is an argument that the U.S

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“The obvious advantage here is that you can combine two ways of travelling

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In 2016, he'll make his new team better

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His party conference speech in September was an astute call for Labour to recognise the changing nature of work and organise accordingly.

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"Israel is a natural next step for our (global) expansion,"Coury said, citing the country's high-tech and biotechexpertise

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"We don't know how rare this disease is," he says

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It has not yet said which flights the strike will target.

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Without Cespedes, the Mets don't win the East and without Murphy the Mets don't get to the World Series

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Supporters claimed short-term rentals take much needed homes off the market

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It is expected to announce more restructuring steps,in such unprofitable areas as home appliances and personalcomputers, later this month.

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The nightclub deaths are a watershed, which Romania’s politicians could find dangerous to ignore.

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You don't get a second chance."

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"The chorus was the first I had written [after going back to the studio] and I felt like it wanted to embrace something positive

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"I was listening to a podcast, and there was a break in talking, and I just hear a gunshot," student Alex Lopez, 21, said

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But programmers also fear the packages could become so popular that they undercut current, more profitable deals with cable companies.

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31, and advisedagainst travel through the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

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Such a stance risks antagonizing the military, which refused to recognize the results of the NLD’s landslide victory in a 1990 election

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They helped him in spurts, but you can only get three of those in a year.”

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"It's been a long time that interest rates have been at zero, but markets and the public should be thinking about the entire path of policy rates over time

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The first thing you had to do was put your face in the water and blow bubbles: Some took to it like ducks to water, and some were absolutely terrified.

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Given that the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth was minus-128 degrees Fahrenheit, experts say the health impacts of cryotherapy can't be predicted without more research

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Among the Palestinians, militants in Hamas had already started a suicide bomb campaign

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